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It’s World EV Day and Global EV Outlook is Charged for the Future

Will this be the decade of the EV? According to Global EV Outlook 2020, the odds are likely. The Global EV Outlook report examines vital elements of the growing EV trend—charging infrastructure, cost, volume and type of energy usage, emissions, and development of batteries to predict EV sales all the way to 2030. According to

First Gen Blink Chargers Eligible to Upgrade to the IQ 200 for Free

Blink is offering first-generation Blink hosts the opportunity to upgrade their first-generation equipment to the new and improved IQ 200.

IQ 200 Chargers are Replacing Aging EV Charging Equipment Across the Country

To date, Blink has replaced 884 Blink owned charging stations with the new 80-amp IQ 200, improving our hardware and the EV driver experience. However, the fast charging speeds of the IQ 200 can only be realized when existing locations also upgrade their electrical wiring to provide a 100-amp circuit. Some host locations make the infrastructure improvement, while others do not.

We’re Going Pro! The Blink Pro Membership is Here

The new Pro membership affords members all the convenience of a prepaid account coupled with new benefit discounts and more charging locations with the new IQ 200. The Blink membership is just one of the parts of the Blink EVolution…

What Comes First, EV Buyers or EV Infrastructure?

Electric vehicles have been on an upward curve for years, but an explosion in sales has always been prevented by the same old question: what comes first? EV customers or charging stations? Some consumers won’t buy EVs but many others have already decided…

It All Happened in a Blink… The EV Boom!

Society has been through many massive and unexpected changes in the last several months. Some of these changes have had an economic impact, and even persuaded people to think differently about what they buy and why. The auto industry is no different…